Helping students identify and apply to colleges where they will thrive.
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Empowering students to find their best-match colleges and degrees.

Helping parents save time, reduce stress, and evaluate options.

The world of college admissions is ever-changing, unpredictable, and not always fair. With over 4,000 colleges in the United States and the media frenzy surrounding college admissions, it’s no wonder many families find the college search and application process overwhelming.

Believe it or not, exploring and applying to colleges can be a productive and enjoyable process through which students learn about themselves, their goals, and colleges well-suited to their academic and social interests. As an independent educational consultant (IEC), Maria Nissi partners with parents and students to provide personalized support throughout the process.

Maria helps students:

  • recognize their strengths and explore relevant degrees and careers

  • discover and define their goals for higher education

  • identify good-fit colleges where they are likely to thrive

  • understand how to best represent themselves in the application process

Maria helps parents:

  • save time and reduce stress

  • evaluate options, including location, curriculum, college culture, resources, and cost

  • maintain peace of mind that their children are making carefully weighed decisions about the future.

Maria Nissi belongs to the IECA, the country’s largest and most well-respected organization of educational consultants. She studies college admissions trends and frequently visits colleges so she can guide students through the process with the most current information.